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O SNAP!  I am Miss Regan (aka: Miss Re Re) and I have been dedicating my dynmic dance to munchkins of all ages for  over the past 10 years

I have devoted myself to this art form so children may be able to express themselves  through.....  There is a certain amount of patience you need to have with  young mind, to educate and help them create a  unique "me", no matter the age, level,.......or if they are taller than her lol.  





Developing and building my own dance business, I have take on several roles, titles and ........multitasking ..........

individual taking on a coaching role must provide leadership, educating as they take this lead.  I take pride in the development of a young individuals muscle and mind. I show all team members involved how they should invest in all moving parts of a team:  school spirit, building relationships, problem solving, being driven and staying focused, fund raising, acts of charity and becoming a role model themselves.  Taking on the title of role model, I make sure respect is not only shown within the team but given and received outside of the teams circle.  My involvement in different events and organizations in and around Illinois, shows young adults what they are capable of with determination, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude.

You can be sure the spectators will always be entertained and wanting more.
I create custom choreography and offer a production of entertainment for all!
Multitasking music, attire  and moves, I deliver picture perfect routines that will never look the same.  Bringing a unique approach to a dance team,  my dancers will be involved in all aspects of the team to be sure everyone is involved and on the same page

She is also excited about the addition of the pitter patter of dancing sneakers to her own forever family....she and her husband are in their adoption adventure!  She cannot wait to adopt a small dance team...shhhhhh dont tell her hubby!

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